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Brand: ADDI

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Brand: ADDI
Weigth: 30 grams
Length: 1 metres
Country: Germany

Addi Crasy Trio makes it possible to knit even the smallest diameter without any problems. If you need to knit socks, sleeves or something else with a small diameter, you can now settle for three needles. The needles work just like regular double pointed needles, where you distribute the stitches on two of the needles and knit with the third needle. The ends of the needles are made of metal and measure 8.5 cm, and are connected by a short, flexible wire in the middle. In total, each needle measures 21 cm. The flexible center means that the needles sit nicely in the hand and can be bent so that they do not get in the way. It's a fun and a little different way to knit. Addi Crasy Trio has a regular tip at one end and a LACE tip at the other, which makes it ideal for knitting in all kinds of yarn. The needles can even double as cable needles. The needles are nickel-free and if you are unsure of how to use them, there is a guide in each package (NOTE: the guide is only in English and German, but addi has also added some easy-to-understand pictures). Length: 21 cm Size: 4.0 (US 6)

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