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Brand: PRYM

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Brand: PRYM
Weigth: 7 grams
Length: 1 metres
Country: GERMANY

Here is a set with three wool needles that are specially designed to work with knitting mills, kitting dolls/french knitter and loom products.The needles each have a large eye which makes it easy to thread woolen yarn and within the pack there is three different sizes. The gray needle has a rounded arched tip, which is suited to lift stitches with, and two purple needles that have rounded tips. The needles are very stable but also flexible and very versatile for use in your work with wool. Dimensions: 72 x 2.6 mm (2.83″ x 0.1") 89 x 3.1 mm (3.5" x 0.12") 101 x 3.2 mm (3.98" x 0.13") Material: Plastic

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