PACE 6/2 COLOR 203


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Composition: WOOL 100%
Weigth: 1 grams
Length: 1 metres
Country: LATVIA

Pace's wool is high quality authentic Latvian natural wool, that is processed according to traditions that date back to the end of the 19th century. The wool is made only from Latvian sheep and it is processed in a way that allows to remain high composition of lanolin (that means that the wool remains it's natural ability to retain heat). Natural wool is known for its healing properties - it stimulated blood circulation and relieves joint and rheumatic pain. It is proven that natural wool can also neutralize positive ions, that are emitted by electronic devices. Each batch is unique in it's coloring and the colors do not repeat. It is recommended to wash the yarn before use to make it softer. Made in Latvian

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