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Brand: ADDI

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Brand: ADDI
Weigth: 10 grams
Length: 80 metres
Country: GERMANY

Indulge your hands with Addi Fixed Circular Lace knitting needles with extra long fine tips, perfect for intricate lace pattern work. Perfect transition from the tip to the cord Very smooth, extra light, polished tips The tips are not bent and the needles will not twist out of your hands Size and length of needle is printed on the cable to avoid confusion The cables are red for needle sizes 2.25mm and larger. Thinner gold cables are used for the smaller size needles. The cord is supple and flexible, unlike the circular needles of old, which used to insist on curling up! If in time the cord becomes dehydrated and less comfortable to work with, simply soak in warm water for a few minutes to restore the softness. code 775-7

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