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Brand: PONY

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Brand: PONY
Weigth: 75 grams
Length: 20 metres
Country: INDIA

The Double Ended Knitting Pins Set by Pony presents a pack of 3 pairs of needles in different sizes. You can choose the set with the 2,5, 3, and 3,5 mm needles. Each pack supplies 5 knitting needles. These needles are 20 cm long and are made of anodized aluminum. They are covered with a paint layer providing color and a polished surface ideal to slide your stitches. Wok for hours without getting tired! You will love working with these needles! Each size presents a different colors to identify each one quick. Each pack includes 3 pairs of double-pointed knitting needles in different sizes: 2,5 - 3 - 3,5 mm Length: 20 cm. Made of anodized aluminum. Polished surface to knit comfortably. Each size presents a different color. Needles packaged inside a jute case. Product code 61069

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