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Brand: NAKO

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Brand: NAKO
Composition: PREMIUM ACRYLIC 100%
Weigth: 150 grams
Length: 105 metres
Needle size (mm) 10.0-11.0
Crochet size (mm) 8.0
Country: Turkey

Cha Cha is new very soft roving yarn with beautiful and fun color combinations. Roving is wool that's been run through a mill on a carding machine. A carding machine has teeth that brush the fiber (like a giant hairbrush) so it goes in the same direction, for the most part. Roving is also a great fiber for yarn felting , since the fibers aren't all in alignment and can grab onto each other easily during the felting process. COMPOSITION 100% premium acrylic 150 grams 105 meters needle size 10 - 11 crochet hook 8

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