Summer is just around the corner and we have just received nice addition to #Katia summer yarns.
🧶 COSMOPOLITAN tubular thread made of viscose and polyester, perfect to knit original, light and elegant clothing and accessories for this summer. It has small and fine metallic threads that give a spectacular and very bright effect to your projects.
🧶 TENCEL COTTON is a fine Spring/Summer yarn you can use to create all kinds of light and fresh garments like cardigans, waistcoats, blouses and more.
🧶 LINO 100 offers this natural yarn made by fibre of high quality linen. More rigid, strong and resistant that other yarns. Lino fibre is a natural, ridgid, strong and resistant fibre, with a very cool touch. This fibre is not elastic and is very breathable.
🧶 LINEN is characterised by its blend of linen and cotton in natural colours. A light fresh yarn suitable for summer ponchos, crochet waistcoats or men’s and women’s jumpers.
🧶ULTRASOFT is a yarn made of organic cotton, perfect for creating spring and summer garments. It is a light, fresh and pleasant to the touch material ideal for mid-season. It has the organic certification by ICEA, turning Ultrasoft into a totally vegan wool.