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NEW yarn producer - OPAL

We are so happy to introduce you to our shops latest yarn producar - OPAL! 

Opal is a sock and sweater yarn producer from Germany that is highly recognized by knitters all over the world - and that's all thanks to OPAL's great yarn quality and beautiful colors!

Since the beginning , the company has been in the capable hands of the Zwerger family. Opal common composition is 75% wool / 25% polyamide in different thread sizes. Opal is a company that values credibility, self-responsibility and trust. Opals motto is "healthy clothing, healthy people, healthy environment" . The company is based in Germany and all the production also is located there. The wool for Opal yarn is collected from the local farmers, who grow their sheep in German fields and thanks to Schafpate badge documents the path from the sheep farmer to the consumer can be tracked down. This document ensures that the whole process starting from collecting wool till producing yarn is done with high regulations taking a good care of nature and with many positive side effects for humans.


OPAL's most fameous collection is HUNDERTWASSER COLLECTION. This collection is dedicated to the world fameous german painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Each of the yarn is made by inspiering to one of the painters masterpieces. 

The collection is made by Frederic Zwerger together with his father Wolfgang Zwerger (1954 – 2013). Frederic Zwerger himself is a great admirer of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, that’s why he designed this collection in 2006. Those new stunning colors and fresh patterns should not only underpin the fun of knitting and crochet as a relaxing and meaningful leisure activity, it should also encourage to show off a little more individuality and extravagance, as definded by the artist who died in 2000. With the balls of this unique collection, you are able to knit patterns which are in color and form modeled on eight masterpieces of Hundertwasser.