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Brand: KATIA

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Brand: KATIA
Composition: SILK 48% VIRGIN WOOL 52%
Weigth: 50 grams
Length: 120 metres
Needle size (mm) 3.5-4.0
Country: SPAIN

Katia Merino Seda is a marbled yarn that combines two tones twisted on themselves along the thread in a spiral shape. Its thread is made of 3 ends which are themselves composed of still 2 fine threads with different colours. Each pair of threads is intertwined with the other ends in a twisted shape creating a marbled effect. Your warm, fine and soft clothes, complements and accessories knitted with Merino-Seda will offer an original denim effect. It is available in different colours with a powdered effect, such as pink, brown, grey, nude and more. Merino Seda is made of: 52% virgin wool 48% silk This yarn is made of virgin merino wool and silk providing a nice and soft texture when coming into contact with your skin. Your creations will be warm and soft thanks to the thermal properties of this yarn. Needle size - US 5 - 6 or 3.75 - 4mm Hook size - 3.5mm (E) - 4.25mm (G) Gauge - 10*10cm (4 inches) - 19.0 to 27.0 sts

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