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Composition: MERINO WOOL 10% ACRYLIC 75% SILKY RAYON 15%
Weigth: 550 grams
Length: 1160 metres
Needle size (mm) 4.0-6.0
Country: Bulgaria

Muffin Tweed is a variation of the traditional Muffin, with the addition of a multicolored tweed component of recycled natural silk and merino wool to the three-layer polychrome acrylic. An ideal yarn for modern single and double needle medium thickness knitting, weaving and making textile decorations. One cake contains 1160 m of multifilament yarn with a weight of at least 550 g / 550 - 600 g/, which is enough to knit a large vest, long skirt, blanket, large scarf, cape, blanket, tablecloth, rug. The knit is more stable, warm and moderately soft, with beautiful sprinkles of multi-colored silk that enrich the smooth transitions of the soft acrylic cake. composition 75 % volume acrylic 15% natural silk recycled 10% merino wool one hook 4-6mm needles 4.5-6 mm

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