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Composition: WOOL 35% ACRYLIC 45% POLYESTER 10% METALICA 10%
Weigth: 50 grams
Length: 220 metres
Needle size (mm) 3.5-5.0
Crochet size (mm) 3.5-5.0
Country: Bulgaria

Stenli ROMANTIC mohair yarn is a mohair-like wool-acrylic carded fabric with a built-in Lurex sheen, which is produced using a patented Bulgarian technology. It is characterized by airy softness, exceptional thermal insulation qualities, durability and resistance of the products, thanks to the strength of the thin main thread. We recommend knitting with single and double needles on larger numbers for more aeration of the knitting. It is suitable for knitting scarves /2-3 pcs/, hats /1 pc/, cardigans /6-12 pcs/, sweaters /6-10 pcs/, as well as for combining with other similar or contrasting yarns in structure. Content 35% Wool, 10% Lurex , 45% acrylic ,10% polyester Weight 50gr Length 220m Recommended Crochet Hook 3.5mm - 5mm Recommended Needles 3.5mm - 5mm

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